Interview with Brian Cohen,
Director of the Global Programme of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR).

Interview with Brian Cohen.

Brian gives us a unique insight into how sustainable Bamboo production is contributing to landscape restoration.

Facts about Bamboo

There are around 30 million hectares of bamboo in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Certain species can grow up to 1-meter a day. Even though some Bamboo species grow very tall like trees, Bamboo belongs to the grass family.

Bamboo and Rattan can contribute to livelihoods in many ways; providing food, fiber, and fuel which provide the basis for thousands of different products. The Bamboo sector is estimated to be worth 60 billion USD a year.

Topics covered

In this episode, Brian discusses the potential for further development of the Bamboo and Rattan production as a means to forest landscape restoration and local income generation.

We learn aboutBrian’s inspiring work and how he has adopted a multidisciplinary skill set which is critical to his role at INBAR and useful when considering the further development of the Bamboo and Rattan sector.

Brian will give us an overview of the variety of products which can be made from Bamboo and Rattan and put a focus on recent innovations and high-tech products.

Besides the unquestionable positive contributions of Bamboo, we will also discuss the downsides, e.g. the growing of Bamboo in large monocultures and the role certification can play in improving sustainable production and post-production.

Finally, we will learn more about exemplary and successful sustainable Bamboo-based landscape restoration initiatives which present useful models of how to scale sustainable Bamboo production whilst having a positive impact on forest landscapes and livelihoods.

More information about the guest

Guest: Brian
Organization: INBAR

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