Nature is more than a simple carbon sinking machine!

Carbon credits are valuable but conceptual. A story that showcases the transformation of a degraded landscape into a green oasis is much more tangible than purely aligning success with the number of carbon credits issued.

Adhering any kind of sustainability certification in the field of carbon, management, or fair trade requires considerable resources. It creates certain transparency and makes projects distinguishable from non-certified projects.

However, among certified projects, the certification does not help to distinguish the project any further. For example, a metric ton of sequestered carbon is equal in any certified project. It is a generic substitutable unit. Stories focusing on capturing more and more tons of carbon are monotone.

It is much more exciting to show the different locations and the geographic context of your project. Explain how you have contributed to the diversity of animals and plants, and how the project has helped local communities live a dignified life.

A story of a project that is about restoring, healing, and transformation of an exploited landscape, back into a healthy, vital and beautiful green oasis is a much more exciting than that of a simple carbon sinking machine.

Take away:

  • Do not solely focus on communicating certifications and market standards.
  • Distinguish your project and organization from others by telling a unique and inspiring project story based on project work that matters.

If you want to read the full “Story Guide for Landscape Projects” please download it at the following link


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