A story, especially a story of change, will only be listened to if you are able to link up to the cultural identity of this group you are communicating with.

Imagine, you have been tasked to raise impact investments to expand your forest-restoration project operations. You are planning to give a presentation in front of bankers and investors. You are well prepared to give a great presentation. One little but very important detail that is causing confusion amongst the audience is, that you are dressed like a Punk.

You will find out that it is difficult as a Punk to convey your landscape story to this audience. You do not fit into their cultural code and may, therefore, be rejected as a member of their social group.

Successful communication requires you to be sensitive to the cultural codes of your audience.

People like us, do things like this! (Seth Godin)

Take away:

  • Finding the right breeding ground for your story is essential.
  • If you want to lead a group with your story and vision of change, you need to become a member of this group.

If you want to read the full “Story Guide for Landscape Projects” please download it at the following link.


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