Use of Forest Information Technologies & Marketing of Forestry Services and Products

e thank the survey participants for making this market study possible by providing valuable market insights and individual perspectives and experiences. The survey is published under a creative common license. This enables everyone to reuse and republish the report and the raw data.


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This market survey, based on an online questionnaire, focuses on the use of forest information technology and on market information and marketing channels.

The survey reveals a high demand for forest information technology like cloud based forest management software, hand held data collectors and aerial imagery acquisition to better achieve work goals. It shows further, that the most important sources for forest sector specific information are websites, blogs and professional publications. However, the conventional face to face contact (word of mouth, network and conferences) have been found to be the most important communication and marketing channel to promote services and products. Market barriers are especially perceived for obtaining funding for operations and expansion, for obtaining market price information for services and finding buyers of services and products. We also could show that “soft” organization activities like improvement of expertise, growing the reputation and communication of environmental and social responsibility are perceived as very important. Finally, we discuss how information technology could be used to grow reputation by documenting environmental and social responsibility and how real information can be used within a transparent marketing to grow the network and develop the customer group.

Providing this information, the survey intends to reflect on how to use forest information technology to professionalize forest management practice. The findings about market information and market channels can be used to further develop marketing tools for a successful sale of forest products and services.

All raw data is provided under the Creative Common license CC BY 4.0. This enables the reader to analyze the data set in accordance to his individual research questions.


Importance of forest information hardware

Comparison of the importance of forest information hardware currently in use and the actual demand for specific forest information hardware

Sources for forest sector market information

Importance of sources for forest sector information


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