OpenForests is attending the GLF Luxemburg 2019, “Breakthroughs in Sustainable Finance”.

From 28 to 30 November, Luxembourg will host a ground-breaking conference exploring the scope for sustainable finance in a world of new challenges and unprecedented opportunities. The events, under the theme of “Breakthroughs in Sustainable Finance”, will delve into the practical implications of key developments such as sustainable insurance, impact-based financing and landscape protection in agribusiness supply chains. More about the conference.

OpenForests will take part in this event to discuss and present their new project presentation and communication platform, a tool that fosters successful communication with investors and donors for landscape restoration on a large scale.

Side notes

The relevance of Information Management and Transparent Communication for Investments in Sustainable Forestry

It is fast becoming common knowledge as to how vital it is to preserve our forests and restore critical landscapes. But for various reasons, the process can be challenging and complex. Some essential aspects of investing in sustainable forest and landscape management are ‘efficient information management’ and ‘transparent communication’. On several instances, these aspects are the difference between successful and failed projects. Despite that, they often get neglected in the face of discourses on financing, politics and climate impact. But, at OpenForests, we haven’t lost sight of just how crucial information management and project communication is. We continuously address it through our work and along the way, look to engage the accountable stakeholders.

We take GLF Luxemburg 2019 as an occasion to initiate and foster a deeper discussion about information transparency as a necessary precondition for successful finance of forest restoration.

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