Communication and Storytelling for natural ingredient sourcing projects.

OpenForests partners with Nauki – Responsible Sourcing to develop the representation of the cosmetic and health food sector on the platform.

About Nauki

Founded on the principles of sustainable development, Nauki – Responsible Sourcing works with both cosmetic companies and natural ingredient producers to identify opportunities to strengthen supply chains, foster synergies and cooperation, and source quality premium ingredients. With their tailor-made sustainable sourcing project stories on the platform, Nauki supports their clients to showcase their commitment to responsible sourcing.

They support their clients to become fully immersed in the experience, heart, and character of a sourcing project that strives to make a difference through environmentally conscious and ethical sourcing principles.

Combining satellite and drone imagery and geographic context, their stories will walk audiences through interactive journeys for an exceptional and inspiring experience.

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Impressions from the stand at FIAB 2019 in Essaouria, Morocco: Marlon Martinez, Director of Nauki – Responsible Sourcing (left), and N’Djevane the cooperative leader (right), Mauritania. Nauki partners with Toogga from Mauritania to bring their products to the European market.


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