People are not going to be frightened into caring’, Charles Eisenstein.

Despite accumulating evidence by media, science and IPCC assessments that climate change is really happening and will have severe effects, people were more concerned about climate change 25 years ago. As Charles Eisenstein puts it in his new book, ‘Climate, A New Story’: “People are not going to be frightened into caring”.

For example, the climate debate is still dominated by doom news and not the potential positive solutions which could rather inspire and guide our path.

If we want to make a positive change, we have to search for a way of communication that does not try to use anxiety as a trigger for a positive change, as it has been demonstrated rather to induce an apathetic response.

Take away:

  • You can not frighten the global society into caring.
  • We need to search for a more powerful and including narrative.

If you want to read the full “Story Guide for Landscape Projects” please download it at the following link.

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