Putting wetlands on the map

As natural buffers against storms and floods, nursing grounds for fisheries, sources of wood for fuel and timber, and hotspots of biodiversity, mangroves are a vital lifeline for people and nature. But, mangroves are being lost rapidly as cities, agriculture and aquaculture expand. And, being in remote locations, means that it’s even more difficult to pinpoint the causes.

β€œIt’s hard to believe that wetlands are often still viewed by humans as useless land.”

OpenForests work is features in an article by Wetlands International.


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OpenForests’ explorer.land is supporting various wetlands projects. See the following two examples.

Scaling Up Mangrove Conservation through Restoration of Degraded Areas

explore and support the project: https://explorer.land/x/project/habitat-reatoration/

SeaTrees Kelp Forest Regeneration at Palos Verdes

explorer and support the project: https://explorer.land/x/project/kelp-forest-regeneration/, image by The Bay Foundation.

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