Information-based solutions for forest conservation projects

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Forest monitoring has experienced a revolution in recent years, with vast improvements in satellite sensors, the emergence of drones, and growing ubiquity of on-the-ground technologies like smartphones and camera traps. These developments have made it easier and less costly to map forests, track reforestation and forest regeneration, and detect deforestation and degradation. But many conservationists and foresters continue to struggle with aspects of forest management, whether it’s translating data into actionable information or communicating the results of their work.

To help address this situation, in 2011 Alexander Watson, Stefan Haas, and Patrick Ribeiro founded OpenForests, which provides forest managers with a set of tools to improve data collection, processing, and analysis. OpenForests is now working with projects on five continents, ranging from forest inventorying to conservation projecting.

OpenForests CEO Watson spoke with ahead of his appearance at the Global Landscape Forum in Bonn, Germany where he is presenting Sunday, 2 December 2018 from 09:00-10:30.


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