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Explorer Land. Share your story

Successful communicators of landscape projects do not tell stories about their projects. They tell the stories through their projects.

Every forest landscape project has a great story worth sharing with the world. And every organization can grow their following and impact.

With this storytelling guide, we want to inspire communicators of landscape projects to tell their story in a dynamic way, using maps, data, photos and imagery, video, timelines, biographies to name a few!

What is

The platform is an online storytelling tool for the presentation of sustainable forest and landscape projects. It is built around an interactive web map that integrates high resolution and up-to-date satellite and drone imagery as well as georeferenced posts and multimedia. It allows members to communicate the story and the value of landscape projects in an exciting and transparent way and to build trust with stakeholders. Thanks to its project directory and search engine, the platform increases the visibility of projects.

Every reforestation, agroforestry, and conservation project has a unique and exciting story. The map-based platform is the place to transparently communicate the project stories to donors, investors, product buyers, supporters, and the public. 

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