Efficient information management and transparent communication are essential aspects of sustainable forest and landscape management. However, they are often get neglected in the face of discourses on financing, politics and climate impact, thereby becoming the difference between successful and failed projects. Hence, it is important to engage the accountable stakeholders in a focused dialogue. We at OpenForests seek to take this idea to COP25 in Santiago in the form of a campaign. Starting with a 2-days event, we will bring stakeholders under one roof, where they’ll be guided through discussions and reflections on the relevance of information management and transparent communication for sustainable forestry. The event will include plenaries, interviews and focused group discussions.

Topics of discussion would gravitate around but not be limited to:

  • How to make forestry data and information palatable and interesting to different stakeholders;
  • Communication of forestry data and information in the era of misinformation;
  • Available technologies for information and data management in sustainable forestry;
  • Building capacity of stakeholders in making use of digital tools in forestry projects.

Why do we call this event a campaign?

We want to create a ripple effect by going beyond the usual networking side events which take place around major conferences. Our aim is:

  • To have our campaign participants to be daring and speak their valuable thoughts;
  • To create a call for action by taking our event documentation to policymakers at the COP25 and inviting them to respond to it;
  • To map and bring together organizations and professionals who can support one another and create a lasting impact.

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