The goal of OpenForests is to empower people to make more resilient, biodiverse, social, and transparent forest projects.

In this Blog, we are writing and podcasting about topics related to sustainable forestry, agroforestry, and landscape restoration.

We are covering data-driven topics like mapping, remote sensing, and forest information management, but also topics on how to use data to create empathetic project presentations with maps and multimedia content.

And not at least we are sharing inspiring stories about innovative and visionary forest landscape projects.

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The “ecosystem” OpenForests has grown into a multidisciplinary team, covering the knowledge of forest domain knowledge, computer and data science, forest policy, economics, natural resources management, sustainable development, and communications. Our complementary skills and experience got united by sharing the same values and by striving for the same ideal. We get inspired by the possible positive impact we can have on forest ecosystems through supporting the land stuarts with our services.

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